Ralph kept looking outside the window. He just couldn’t sit in place and pay attention to the boring material. Old Ms. Haggard was too boring to catch any of the student’s attention especially since the subject was English.

Ralph spotted a large green caterpillar traveling across the window ledge. It wiggled from side to side and slithered across the wooden ledge in an odd way. It seemed as if it jumped forward and then dragged the back of his body forward.

Ralph immediately thought about the day his best friend Jeremy decided to play on the trampoline with a sack covering his feet. Once he went up in the air he lost his balance and ended up doing a triple jump into the pool. Ralph kept laughing at him; he had gotten his favorite sneakers wet.

Within a blink of an eye a whole day of memories with his best friend went by. He came back to reality and found the caterpillar stuck to the window right in front of him, staring at him. He could see the two small eyes’s on the caterpillar looking at him straight back.

“What’s up little guy?” Ralph snickered, laughing to himself.

“What’s up Ralph?” The caterpillar responded.

Ralph jumped back out of his chair, falling down on his rump. She was shocked that the caterpillar responded. Immediately the whole class crackled with laughter; some of the kids threw a few paper balls and spit wads at him.

“What is wrong with you Ralph?” Ms. Haggard quickly questioned him. She walked up to him and immediately picked him up from his left arm. “You’re such the class clown,” she added.

“Ms. Haggard the caterpillar spoke to me!” Ralph yelled while he was being dragged away outside into the hallway.

“Ha ha what a nut case,” some of the boys yelled as they saw him being taken away.

“Leave him alone!” Susie quickly yelled, pointing her finger at Johnny, the class bully. He immediately got blushed, he liked Susie and every time she directed herself at him he would stay quiet and blush all over.

The students could over hear Ralph’s conversation with the English teacher. Susie looked over at the window and spotted the caterpillar crawling on the glass. Immediate after being spotted the caterpillar quickly placed his head onto the glass and peeked into the classroom. Susie felt the slight hint that the caterpillar was looking directly at her; she then walked towards the caterpillar and then bowed her head down to get a look at it.

“Where’s Ralph?” the caterpillar spoke.

Susie immediately jumped backwards and let out a loud scream that startled all the other students. It was so loud that the teacher came back into the room to see what was going on.

She took a few steps towards the back of the classroom before when Susie immediately dashed out of the room still screaming frantically. The rest of the students were startled. They simply had no idea what had gotten into her and Ralph. They knew Ralph was a bit weird, but her? She was one of the most level headed students in all of the school.

101 Memories: Monotonous Nights: New Girl

I met her in a bar, saw her from the distance and instantly made my concious choice that I liked her. I went up to her, with a drink in hand, and introduced myself. After a few words and a few chugs of my drink, she seemed interested, and just like that I had met a new girl. She grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor where we grinded against each other. I would bump against her rump time after time, getting heavy and sweaty.


With her back against me, she kept grinding into me sensually. I would grab her thighs and welcome her into me. I still remember reaching over and taking a whizz of her hair. It smelled like lilies in the spring, mesmorizing me while the drinks also did a number on me. I grabbed her face and softly turned her into my direction, reached in, and kissed her. She liked that. I’m pretty sure she did for she closed her eyes and locked on with me. We pecked at each other for quite some time, my hands rubbing all over her, feeling her rump and everything else. 


She gave me her name and number before she parted as the night faded away into the wee hours. The next day I called her and invited her. I didn’t even take into consideration dating advice on when to call a girl. I simply picked up my phone and dialed, hoping she’d pick up and agree for another night. And she did. I took her to Applebees. We had dinner and a few drinks, shared a few stories and laughs. I fell in love for a short time, with those beautiful blonde curls of hers, those nectary green eyes, and that small petite figure, but what I mostly fell in love with was her soul. 


And like everything, it all became a routine. We would go out and enjoy ourselves. She would hint that she really liked me, but I never returned the message. I really did like her, and I question myself from time to time as to why I didn’t tell her. One of those  times we went out to the dance floor, she grabbed my hand and placed it over her breasts, indicating to me that she felt something beautiful, and that her name Alma, meaning soul, was being offered to me.


How could I be such a fool and not tell her that I liked her. We eventually parted ways because of a small misunderstanding, and I never got to see her again. That first time I met her had been a rare occurrance, serendipity, because as she let me know, she wasn’t a girl who went out regurlaly. After we parted I searched for her all over town, different bars and even restaurants never to see her again. By that time, I had lost her number and had no information on how to find her. All that was left was the memories with her. My favorite one was when she gave me a ride home after a night of heavy drinking, she kissed me and smiled. I asked her why she had bought a black firebird to which she replied, “I wanted a sportscar and ended up with this.” I laughed and she followed. She was a simple girl, the kind I would have loved to take home.



101Memories: Monotonous Nights

Today was one of those rare moments where I found myself sitting on the couch, staring in a blank direction while my left hand held a tight grip on a glass full of iced tea. In that very rare instance of nothingness I could almost hear the cringing of the ice melting away, the soothing sound of the breeze outside, and my thoughts, blaring out as if amplified by a loud speaker.

I still remember those times when I could come home to an empty house after work, drenched in sweat, fatigued and bothered by the day’s burdensome tasks. That feeling of emptiness would soon subside when she would come home, but it would never be totally gone.

Before her arrival I would undress and take a quick shower, put on my nightwear, and cook dinner. She would come home, late as usual, enjoy dinner and then copulate. It had been like that for quite some time now, a routine if you will, which at that time in my life I would consider as being content.

In all honesty, in my naïve little mind I actually thought I was content, as the word was supposed to mean according to my societal view. I thought that was happiness I felt, but time would soon prove to me that some things are not meant to be enjoyed forever. I failed to see, that moment wasn’t mine alone, for she had her own ideas and thoughts about what she considered happiness.

I realize now that I never considered stopping for a minute to ask her if what had transpired between us was what she truly wanted. Never. I don’t even think I ever asked her what she thought about me, to which as I know now, was probably a joke. Was she bored or was she happy and content? I never asked, but that didn’t mean I never speculated alternatives, and the answer became more and more apparent later on when after all the little intimacies of ours came to a screeching halt.

Our little intimate details were crushed by her true desires as a woman, by those that came about the wind, easily carried away by any gust or flurry. Whether what she did was right or wrong wasn’t any longer part of the question, but whether her true desires were known to me was what baffled me. It became apparent that she didn’t love me the way I had learned to love her. Those times that she would get home late, smelling of cheap liquor mixed with men’s cologne and lust, were the ones that triggered the endless self-doubt.

And even after being so blatantly aware of it all, I still rocked myself back to sleep, and wondered if it were all a dream. And everything taking place was the replay of a movie whose scenes, the strong memorable ones, were the ones imprinted in my mind.

My eyes would then open to a hazy, empty living room, and I would be there, sitting down and sipping my ice tea. The stunning actress, the beautiful petite and voluptuous, brown skinned young woman, would go on about her romantic life, soul searching for Mr. Right, but along her journey she would meet many men of whom she could make a descent life with, but none of which were what she truly desired.

In one of those scenes, of romance and lust, I would see myself, Mr. Opportunity, going about her life, courting her endlessly until getting close. Close enough I would say. She would take me into her life without hesitation, not because I was best choice, but I was the best one available at that specific time in her life, for reasons I will never truly understand. But with time she would get complacent, for whatever reason that may be, and like any other woman out there, would take the train to flee after endless routine of monotony.

Between the flashbacks of memories, as they went about my mind back and forth, I saw myself standing in the front of her, asking questions, to such things that would forever go unanswered. She would remain silent and push me away. Love was only a silly idea, one that only I would believe in.


The young Marine sat down quietly on his black leather sofa. He immediately began to draw fire within his thoughts. He had been given only two days before the final verdict would be given. Deep inside he knew the case had been rigged and his attorney had set him up for failure. The DA didn’t cut him any slack even though they knew he wasn’t guilty. According to them, someone had to pay for the crime—guilty or not.

He held his Glock over his lap with his left trigger finger ready to pull back. He had lost everything; his family had been murdered and he wasn’t able to save them. That was the hardest part of coping with his reality. He had been trained to protect others but the ones whom needed him most were the first ones to die. He had always blamed himself for that even though he knew he couldn’t have saved them.

He remembered how he came home and found his wife severely beaten and laid out on the coffee table with the unforgettable look on her face. They had raped and tortured her before they slit her throat. He turned completely mad as soon as he saw her. The thought of their baby soon came to mind and he rushed into the room upstairs to check on him. He had been gutted like a pig. After that everything went blur. The police blamed him for the double homicide; they had evidence indicating that it wasn’t him but the DA didn’t want to let the case go unsolved. They needed a person behind every action so they chose him and placed him before judgment.

He raised the Glock and pressed it slightly against his temple; he pulled the trigger. Nothing. Am I not even allowed this satisfaction? he blurted out cursing his god. What do you want from me? That was the million dollar question, the one that always went unanswered.

He quickly cooked up a quick solution to his problem. He imagined placing his own judgment before the ones that judged him. The Marine went into his room and placed his Glock on his bed. He put on his delivery driver uniform. He reached into the night drawer and picked up two fully loaded clips, hid his gun in his attire and went off to work. At work he picked one of the shipping invoices and changed the information to match the place where he headed for. He then drove downtown on his company vehicle and proceeded towards the Federal Courthouse. He called up the guard booth and a guard immediately escorted him to deliver the package on the eighth floor.


The elevator door opened and the guard stepped out heading towards the courtroom. The Marine reached into his pocket and aimed his Glock straight at the guard’s head. He pulled the trigger twice. The guard never felt any bad impression about the young Marine, he was a clean cut guy. The sounds of the blast startled everyone in the hallway.

“He’s got a gun,” a lady yelled while running towards the restroom in an attempt to hide.

Immediately the bailiff came out with his hand gun drawn. He was no match for him. The old fat elderly bailiff had left his years of youth a long time ago, now he was just a senile man holding a badge and a gun.

The Marine incapacitated him quickly; two shots in the chest and one in the head. It had always been protocol. He rushed into the courtroom where the two young DAs scattered trying to hide behind the podiums. The senior DA stood in front of the judge, shielding her from the assault. The Marine went off shooting with deadly precision. Within seconds the DAs laid dead before the judge.

“Please don’t kill me,” the judge pleads for her life.

“Did you have that consideration of me?” the Marine replied holding his gun at her forehead.

He pistol whipped her. Her knees folded below and she fell to the ground. He reached over and grabbed her by her coat. He dragged her all the way back to the judge’s quarters and closed the door behind him. He knew the assault team would immediately rush him so he only had a few minutes left.

He looked at his watch. I have five minutes before they get here, he thought.

“Please don’t kill me. It will be worse for you,” she replied stupidly threatening him.

“Shut up you stupid bitch. I didn’t kill my family and you fucken know it—but you decide to still hold it against me you fucken whore. Where is the fucken justice?”

The judge kept screaming; he kept tugging her from her hair, sliding her across the brown carpet. He picked her up nearly tearing her scalp off. The tossed her face forward unto the wooden conference table and placed his gun on the table. He grabbed her hands with his left one in a vicious grip and proceeded to tear her skirt with his right.

“Stop! What are you going to do to me?” she screamed frantically.

“I will make feel what my wife went through before she was murdered,” he replied before striking her with the butt of the pistol.

A shotgun blast quickly muffled he room. The assault team had finally arrived. The young Marine quickly picked released the judge and slung her f as a shield. The assault team couldn’t take a shot so they simply froze; He then pushed her forward and kicked her into the officer standing on guard in the entrance. The officer couldn’t do much; he held out his hands trying to catch the judge. The Marine then quickly reached over for his gun and began firing shooting her in the back. The officer and the judge fell to the ground quickly while the other team members began firing towards the Marine shattering the thick glass windows behind him.

I will not give them that satisfaction, he thought. He launched himself backwards and slowly descended on a downward spiral.

His life flashed before his eyes. It always seems like such thing always happens before you die. He remembered his beautiful young son crawling on the carpet that warm day on Christmas. He hugged his wife and kissed her. Both of them were content that they were finally a family. Nothing could ever get in between them. He always believed that even though life had a funny way of testing a man’s character.

He laid spread out on the thick black asphalt. His skull was spread out in small pieces on the ground displaying his blood and brain for the spectators to see. They quickly surrounded the Marine in awe about what had just happened. It was over.

“My right trumps your dead.”



The Garden

“I love you”, Eve whispered into Adam’s ear before she walked away towards the orchard and reached out to grab one of the purple apples.  Adam carefully kept an eye to her actions, watching her every move.


Eve had just called out to something beyond herself. Without even knowing, she conjured the idea of the man who stood on the far right corner of the garden.


Adam was a strong man, robust and tall, but Eve couldn’t differentiate between the two of them. In her eyes they looked the same, they were both marvelous men who were unique in their ways; they offered a different perspective. She noticed his stare from the distance; she walked towards the orchard candidly shaking her rump. She turned slightly to her right; her dark beautiful hair flung out in front of her.

She reached out for the apple; a subtle sound followed.


“Really?” he asked.


“Huh, what do you mean with that?” she replied.


“I’ve been watching you; I am not the only to do so, but I am concerned about your actions,” he replied in a low robust voice.


She looked at him and felt nothing at that moment. She simply didn’t know any better. She brushed him off without even thinking about the repercussions.


“Nice to…whatever,” she hollered.


What a bitch, he thought. He kept to himself that time; there simply wasn’t much to be discussed.


Eve reached out again to grab an apple, but was now quickly startled by the sight of the giant blood stained snake.


“I’ve been watching you,” the snake spoke.


“Who are you?”


“Don’t worry about that. What do you need?”


“I want to taste the apple,” Eve snickered.


“Didn’t he advise you not to?”


“Does it matter?” she replied in a condescending tone.


The snake simply hissed at her briefly, she felt a cold shiver travel down her spine; it then turned around and went away into the distance.


Eve went back to the shade and leaned into Adam, she took a bite of the apple; while he simply watched from a distance. She dwelled a bit over the overly sweet taste of the apple. Hmmm, she murmured into Adam’s ear, making him feel warm and fuzzy inside. She had never tasted anything so sweet even though the garden was filled with dozens of sweet fruit bearing trees and plants. None could ever compare to the sweet taste that she had just experienced.


Adam kept looking at her gulf down the apple with such voracity that he felt compelled to taste it. She looked up directly into his eyes and smirked.


“Would you like some?”


“We weren’t supposed to eat the fruit from that tree.”


“Stop being a pussy and man up,” she quickly responded, taking another bite afterwards.


“You’ve…never talked to me like that before,” Adam stuttered. He was shocked that she had replied so vulgarly. He looked at her and kept thinking about what had just transpired. She seemed different.


“See…” Eve tempted Adam.




I’ll show her, I’m not a pussy, he thought.


He grabbed whatever was left of the apple and gobbled it down without even taking a second to taste it.


He kept looking at them from a distance. He kept thinking about the reasons as to why she took the apple. Why she would even offer Adam a bite? Then it came to him, it wasn’t Eve. Eve knew better than to go against the will of God.


Immediately after consuming the apple, Adam began feeling woozy. His mind began to gyrate in all directions. His knees grew weak, making him fall down. He looked up towards Eve, but his sight was blurry. He could only see a distorted figure standing before him. He felt his body grow colder by the second; each and every one that came and went took away from him a piece of his life.


He didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately started running towards Adam. He only had one duty; to protect him at all costs. The thought of failure immediately began flooding the depths of his conscience. He ran as fast as he could till he came upon the garden. The thing impersonating Eve quickly took a different form. It was a blue spotted creature resembling a woman with wings.


“Who are you?” he asked, gasping for air.


It turned around allowing him to catch a quick glimpse of the left side of her face. Her dark blood red hair sprung out towards him like a thousand needles. He quickly slid in an attempt to avoid them.


“Lilith,” she replied, before descending into the distance. Her wings sprout out and quickly began flapping. The sun had already begun setting down into the horizon; into the storm brewing off in the sky.


He knelt down and reached out for Adam. He felt the cold of his body traverse into his arms and unto his soul. He couldn’t contain the sadness in his heart. How could you have been fooled? he asked himself repeatedly.


The storm quickly swept in with great force, bringing down heavy rain and severe thunder. He descended from the clouds and hovered right above Adam’s corpse.


“How could you have failed me Damīr?”


“I am sorry father. I kept looking out for them, but she came and deceived me by taking her form.”






The earth shook from beneath Damīr’s feet. The skies set a blaze consuming everything around the garden, disturbing the snake that protected the orchard. It quickly slithered across the garden and came up to him.




“Yes father?” the snake trembled before his creator.


“How did you allow this to happen?”


“I was fooled father. I thought that it was Eve all along.”


“Where is Eve?”


“We don’t know father,” they both muttered, their voices cracked with fear.


He took a second then disappeared into thin air. He came across the other side of the world and found Eve lying down in a patch of wild grass surrounded by an army of Ceiba trees. He descended before her and picked her up with his arms. She immediately woke up and looked into his eyes


“Father,” she whispered.


“Where have you been my dear?”


“I was lying beside Adam in the garden when I suddenly found myself here. She told me I would be okay, but I have a feeling deep inside telling me it isn’t.”


“It will be okay,” he spoke unto her and drifted into the light immediately bringing her back to the garden.


She fell back into a deep sleep as he laid her out on the green pasture.


“Damīr, you have failed me. You no longer have a purpose, but to bring Adam back to life. Samiel, you will no longer be the bearer of the light for Adam and Eve; you are relinquished from all purpose.” He then descended unto the heavens, taking the storm with him.


Damīr knew what he had to do. He reached out and touched Adam’s forehead and closed his eyes. His life descended from him unto Adam’s heart; slowly bringing him back to life while he died himself. His heart began beating once again.


Samiel felt irritated after hearing what god had told him. How could god have chosen such cruel punishment? How could he have chosen Adam over him, his most beloved angel? He took his original form; his wings sprang out but quickly deteriorated before him. The light quickly dispersed from within him and only darkness remained; only the deep hatred towards Adam and Eve. His skin boiled and his body began transforming, leaving behind a dark blood red colored creature behind. He walked over to the pond and saw his himself reflected on the still water. He was hideous; a once beautifully gracious angel had now taken a hideous form resembling a horrid creature with horns sticking out of his skull. A tear drop fell into the pond turning into a pool of blood which began overflowing upwards against all physics. He swore that he would never stop until god would see the true nature of his actions. He had unleashed the worst thing upon his most beloved creation; he swore to destroy Adam and Eve in the worst way, by eating their souls through deception and doubt.


God had seen through them; he knew that Lilith and Samiel had schemed against his creatures. He felt sad inside for seeing them corrupted before him, but he knew that now they would have to fend off on their own. They had sinned not by becoming victims of the others, but by having allowed doubt to sink in their minds. The moment they conjured the idea of what the apple would bring them, they had relinquished all innocence.


Time began taking its toll on their fragile human bodies. They now could feel beyond the normal senses they had before. The cold of the night woke them up. Adam felt a numbing sensation take over his body. He looked at himself and felt embarrassed of being naked. Eve awoke and felt a hint of treachery in her mind. Lilith had warped her senses and given her a mentality of fear and hatred. She looked at Adam and no longer felt compassion and love; she only felt a need to embrace him for she now saw herself lonely in the vast Earth. Adam looked at her and felt a morbid sensation of lust; something he had never felt before. The only good thing he could now feel, was his heart beating in a soothing rhythmic pace. Damīr had given his heart for him and that would be the only thing that could save him; learning to love.


“Relax, this won’t hurt a bit.”

“Are you sure doc? That’s what she said and look at me, sitting here, looking at you, paying top dollar to become human again.”

“Come on now, are you gonna keep making excuses?”

“I suppose…”

The doc strapped the young man onto the chair and placed a black handkerchief over his eyes, blinding him.

“You might feel a tingling sensation, but don’t fret, its nothing major.”

The doc reached over and grabbed the heavy electrical conduit from the table and inserted the prongs into the young man’s neck receptacle. Once the young man connected to the device, a tingling, numbing sensation spread out downwards from his neck to his lower body, placing his consciousness into a virtual environment carefully manipulated by the program.

The young man found himself inside the program projected into a three dimensional digital room, sitting on a floating chair. He looked around astonished at how realistic it all seemed. He was stunned by the huge advances in technology humanity had acquired. Being integrated into a digital program had been only a dream for many a few years back; and now that MirkTek promised such revolutionary equipment, everyone was willing to give it a shot.

“Hello Mark,” a virtual female robot welcomed him.

“Oh, hello there.”

“Welcome to Mirktek’s revolutionary AI Program IEP. I am Kalina, and I will be assisting you in your proselytization.”

“Ah yes, yes. How does this work?”

“First, you will be given a brief introduction on how everything works and once you are ready to begin the process you will need to go through the door behind me. From there on, you will be on your own, and everything you interact with will help guide you on your journey.”


“Don’t worry, everything is just a virtual reconstruct of your memories. Looking at your chart I can see that you want to erase some childhood fears and memories; do you have any idea of what you wish to replace them with?”

“Not really. I’m still unsure of how this works.”

“You will relive that scenario of your life again and depending on how you react to it, everything will change, and once you are done with it that will be your newly crafted reality.”

“Okay, I think I understand now. I am ready.”

“Please proceed through the door.”

The doc and engineers were constantly monitoring the program to make sure everything was going to plan. On the computer screen, they could clearly see a visualization of what was taking place like a virtual 3d reconfiguration. The conversation between Mark and the AI bots were being recording in a log file.

“Is everything ready?” the doc asked one of the engineers.

“Yes sir. We have already made back up of his memory and have finished gathering the information needed for the simulation.”

“Was he informed that the program was still in beta?” the other engineer asked.

“No. He has no idea of that. Let’s just not make any mistakes we might later regret.”


Mark got up from the chair and tried walking. At first, it seemed kind of odd knowing that he was fully integrated within the system, but without having any of his other physical senses intact. It took him a few second to learn how to walk within the simulation and make his way towards the door. He approached it. The doors slid open, granting him access.

Before he took a step forward the program bleeped like a glitch.

“What was that?” the doc asked the engineers.

“We don’t know yet. Something made the program glitch. Hold on.”

“Steve, we have a problem,” the other engineer muttered to his partner, pointing at the log.


“What…what’s wrong?” the doc asked, worried they might lose Mark.

“We’re being hacked.”

“What do you mean we’re being hacked? The program was supposed to be running independently of any server.”

“Is that what they told you? No, the big executive heads wanted the program live and ready for broadcast all over the world. We told them of the risks of being hacked or anything going awry since it’s only in beta.”

“I’m going to pull him out!” the doc yelled, reaching for the conduit.

“You can’t do that. You will kill him!”

The doc nodded in frustration, feeling hopeless of not being able to do anything. Once inside the program, Mark was susceptible of never coming back. If anything went wrong he might just be there forever, living in a virtual environment for eternity while his meat suit simply rotted and decomposed in the real life.

Mark didn’t feel the glitch entirely. He felt a bit odd because he knew he had made a step forward, but was quickly brought back as if he was backtracking his steps. He turned around and faced Kalina.

“Kalina there is something wrong.”

“Indee…ee…eed” she stammered.

He kept looking at her as scrambled, distorted messages came out of her. Her head bounced a few times from side to side as if something was wrong before coming to a complete stop, rendering her immobile. He knew something was wrong at that point, but there wasn’t much he could do, so he jumped into the unknown.

The doc stared at the screen and kept trying to override the program to no avail. The system was completely unresponsive except for the flickering of the screen over and over until eventually turning black. The screened on again, but this time, displaying the words MLF.

“It’s the MLF. They are responsible for this?”

“But why?” the other scientist replied as he too looked at the screen.

You are all responsible for foiling the population with your mind control tactics. We will liberate the world. All of your fears will become real…

The scientists felt a sharp cold tingling sensation run all over their skin.

What fears are they talking about? What do they mean? Dammit, I hope he comes out okay.

They just sat down and waited for everything to blow over as the whole world watched live. The top executives quickly sent in a special team of their own in order to recover the system. At first the scientists were shocked when they busted the door open and men dressed in black military gear rushed in, but after they cuffed them and pointed their rifles to the scientists’ heads, they feared for their lives.

A cell phone went off. One of the mercs reached into his vest’s pocket, pulled it out and answered it.

“Boss. We have minimized the damage. We are about to execute ARM and recover anything of what is left of the program. What about the man?”


“Okay, sure thing,” he responded before putting his cell phone back into his pocket. He went back towards the other men who were connecting the system to a portable device. “Recover whatever possible and disconnect the machine.”

“You can’t do that, you’ll kill him!” Steve’s partner launched himself towards the men in a vague attempt to stop them, but was greeted by the pistol of the man in charge.

He pulled the trigger, dropping the scientist dead on the ground. The loud bang startled Steve, but he didn’t try to struggle.

“Don’t become a casualty,” the man whispered as he lowered down to Steve, kneeling down with his hands cuffed behind his back.”

“No sir…” he stammered.

“Do you know what happened here?”

“No. All I know is that we are being hacked by the MLF.”

“Silly, you had no idea that your partner was involved in this. He sold you out and your project.”

Steve stood there motionless as he tried to make sense of what he had just said. He realized that there was something fishy about how his partner was allowed access to his project even when he did not have the clearance for it. There was much that he didn’t know, and right there and then, he was probably gonna find out really soon what everything was about. However, he still worried about Mark. He had nothing to do with what was going on. He was just collateral damage.

“Okay sir. We were able to get most of the data. Do you want us to unplug it now?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Right before the merc reached for the conduit, Mark let out a gasp for air and looked straight up at the ceiling.

“What do we do with him sir?”

“He’s just collateral, do what you have to,” the merc responded as he grabbed the portable device and made his way towards the door.

Defying all physics and logic, Mark spurted on his two feet and rushed towards the mercs. Without even blinking he side swept one, grabbing his side pistol before he fell to the ground. He popped two rounds in his chest and right away pointed at the other two men.

The shots rang out, ending their life within seconds. Through the sound of all the commotion the remaining merc turned around slightly and reached for his gun. He was too slow. Everything was taking place so fast that his mind wasn’t able to coordinate with his hands and his gun had barely made it out of the holster before he felt the hot, burning pain inside his chest.

“Mark what is going on?” Steve shouted.

“We need to get out of here. Mirtek is no what you thought it was doc.”

“What do you mean?” he responded. Mark set him loose from the cuffs right away and helped him get up on his two feet.

“I’ll tell you everything later, we need to move!”


The loud crashing sound of metal impacting against the concrete barrier startled me. I reacted, quickly jumping slightly to my right side as if what had taken place did so just few feet away from me. The bitter taste of smoke, the feeling of the heat from the fire, and the sounds of sirens in the distance brought me back to reality.

I didn’t act accordingly. I simply stared at the wreck. There was a red Camaro reduced to a metal carcass while its back was consumed by fire. I could see the woman below, trying to get out of the vehicle.

I scanned the area. I couldn’t see anyone else around me. All I could see was the blood trail and fragments of fleshed smeared from where the bus stop used be, up to the point of impact of the car.

I looked down into the cab again. She was struggling. She looked up to me and met me dead in the eye. I could see that fear in her stare. She knew she was going to die even if it wasn’t physically. Within those seconds that passed by, her mind had already fashioned a mental reason to die. She had killed them in an accident, and that wouldn’t be something she would easily forget.

She reached out towards me. I could see her struggling to raise her hand and stick it out the window, gesturing me to help. I honestly didn’t know what to do. At points like these; the movies, the stories, and our wild imagination portray us actions to take, but deep down inside we are clueless.

I watched her as she struggled, panicking from trying to get me to respond and just watching me stay still. I wonder what thoughts went through her mind that very instance when startled, muffled by the shock, and the feeling of the intensity of the fire grew second by second.

I felt her hopelessness channel into me from her stare. She blinked. It was that moment that she realized she was entirely on her own. She must have felt the calm before the storm. I watched her die. I stood there while the fire grew, finally getting to her and ravaging her. She never lost her composure though. Her hand was still reaching out towards me as it was consumed by the immense fire.

Hilarious God

I looked up at the sky, holding everything good and bad in mind, and said:

“God, I am done. Please take me away for I do not wish to do it myself. Hell is a big price to pay, so I argue with you, please let me go. I don’t care if there is an early termination fee, let’s do this!”

“What are you insane? Just for asking such insolence I will add a couple of more years!”

“God don’t be like that. Why can’t you just simply take me away? Why, why do I have to suffer so much? And if you can’t do that I understand, but at least help me out with some money.”

“What is your problem? Why do you keep insisting on having an easier life? Just for that, pay-cut and minimum benefits.”

“Oh hell naw! Nevermind, just make me poor and I will be good.”

“You’re already poor, now STFU and PTFO!”



Once the electronic doomsday device went off, all electronics including military tech went off the grid. The only ones who were left untouched were the merchs from the MTK Corporation. War after war they had been getting stronger. With an abundant increase of funds from the last two world wars, they were able to finalize project Cerebrum and launch a global scale world domination. Through the use of Dr. Mia’s Cerebro technology, they had been able to conquer half of Europe. Next stop, the Americas.

Within the year and a half that it took the Corporation to successfully take over half of Europe, the America’s had repaired and brought back to life their technology to level 1. They were a year and half before they could reanimate their level 2 technology, but years away from activating their most critical technology, Level 3. Level 3 consisted of highly advanced AI and human android hybrid which were almost unstoppable.

Glenn was abruptly awakened from her deep state of meditation by the loud buzzing alarms going off. She got up as fast as she could and reached over for her gun belt. She picked it up and strapped it hard against her waist. The dual rapid fire blasters felt heavy on her waist. She then stoop and picked up her limited drag high speed interchangeable rifle. She slung it across her shoulder and made her way out the room. She ran through the corridor until reaching the adjacent hallway.

She looked around looking for Tony, his spotter.

“Hey,” Tony bellied from behind her, “what’s going on?”

Glenn placed her hand on her right temple and clicked one of the buttons, rendering tactical information before her on her high definition virtual glasses.

“It seems that the merchs have drawn first blood in Seattle. We are being invaded.”

A sorrowful look of gloom crept up on Tony’s face.

“But…we aren’t ready!” he bellied.

“We never will be. We need to go to the hangar, now!”

They both ran up towards the elevators and entered one of them, accompanied by many others. The elevator reached the hangar within a matter of seconds. Everyone, including them both, made their way out towards the small fighter jets.

Tony had was lagging behind, his short stumpy legs didn’t help him at all. He ran as fast as he could behind her before tripping. He landed face flat on the floor, sending his pea shooter assault rifle dashing across the concrete.

“Wait, wait!” he yelled at Glenn. The tears sunk deep into his cheeks.

Glenn stopped on a dime and turned around. She spotted him laid out on the ground face down crying.

“Ugh,” she sighed. “Get up Tony…you fat slob,” she mumbled.

Tony wasn’t the most athletic or fearsome soldier, but he was smart as hell. The only problem with him was that he was clumsy. Always kept falling down and making a fool of himself.

Glenn face palmed then went over to him and helped him get up.

“Dang it Tony. You’re gonna get us killed one of these days,”

She reached down and grabbed the back of his exoskeleton suit and tossed him back on his feet. He simply stared at her.

“I think I got wedgie,” Tony grinned.

“You’re an idiot,” Glenn retorted. She then turn around and started running towards the small drop ship. Tony followed right behind her.

He had always liked Glenn despite her ruthless attitude. He kept looking at her sexy body sling side to side as she ran, enticing him. Once they reached the small drop ship Tony took the pilot’s seat while Glenn sat back next to the Goliath.


Upon hearing its code name, the Goliath powered on, emitting strange beeping sounds as it went through its boot up mode. The sounds of the thrusters from the drop ship permeated the atmosphere inside the ship. It hovered above the ground for a few second and then it launched with great voracity towards the horizon.

Not even a minute went by and the Goliath had fully powered on. The Goliath was an old project of Tony when he was attending the Military Academy as an undergrad. He had put him together from different parts of bipod sentries. He had survived the massive EMP discharge because his motherboard had been constructed from old school technology from World War 3, many years ago. Such technology had been the precursor to their modern day Level 3 human android hybrids. He also equipped him with enhanced memory units and an impressive alternate AI consisting on different algorithms, such that made him act more human than even the advanced AI used by MTK.

Not only that, but Tony had coated his armor with Intelligent Nanobots he manufactured himself. They were able to create a temporary shield and regenerate its armor during short periods of time. The only way to fully destroy Goliath would be through inflicting a direct blast from one of the supersonic particle cannons from the Titan ships which would be highly unlikely but possible.

Goliath stood up before Glenn then turned around and faced towards the cockpit.

“Hello Glenn,” he muttered in a deep low robotic voice.

“Hello Goliath, welcome back,” she responded.

In the time frame of a few nano seconds it computed a possible scenario using various algorithms.

“If you have awakened me, then that means we are in war. Do you want to initiate protocol 13?”

“No. I want you to have full control. Initiate override and follow sequence Harmony.”

Loud beeping sounds came out from its voice output, followed by a loud hissing sound coming from his exhaust.

“Ooh nasty Goliath,” Tony snickered.

Goliath opened its mouth, fashioning a face of awe, “Oops,” it responded.

Goliath had been relinquished by the old command structure that hindered his movement. By following the alternate sequence, he was able to execute his own commands, without any need to waste time in following a tight protocol. He was set free, just like them.

Living Nightmare


They said it was just a dream. They all said I would be okay, god willing, but that moment when it came and took her away, he was nowhere around. The endless empty prayers inside my head made nothing take place. Consumed by the severe shakes and the fractal visions, I only had incoherent phrases of a few prayers that came to mind.

The thing had long arms resembling those of a huge praying mantis with scythes at the end. Its face was disguised by a crumbled paper mask with a long pointy nose. It was hiding something underneath. Perhaps the hideous mask was the key to something even more perturbing than itself.

Perhaps it was nothing. I will never truly know.

It hooked her as she tried to flee away. I stood there, shaking, infused with an extreme sense of fear that froze me in place. My teeth grinded in a vague attempt to produce any sound. I couldn’t move, and like a coward facing his greatest fears, I froze in place,  witnessing her being carried off by that elongated creature dressed in an old, long black robe as her screams remained.

I can still hear her scream from time to time. That moment when the blades struck her I could almost feel them stick out of my chest. I could see in that dreaded look of hers, knowing that she knew that wasn’t the end of it. He took her away for god knows what.

Wake up, it’s just a dream.

How is it just a dream, when you open your eyes and she’s nowhere to be seen?